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So It's "OK" For Both Fighters To Miss Weight?

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In this instance I'm speaking specifically about Jeremy Stephens and Gleison Tibau at Ultimate Fight Night 18.  First of all, BOTH of these fighters missed weight and that's that.  I'm sure Tibau could have shed the 1/2 pound needed if given the time, but that's the beside the point.  I understand he took this fight on somewhat short notice, but he still had ample time to cut the weight.  However, Jeremy Stephens missed weight by 3 pounds and he just fought less than 2 months ago!  That's unexcusable and I find it odd that nobody has really mentioned it.  Did he suffer an injury or something?  Maybe it's because both fighters agreed to fight at a catchweight?

Normally when you have two fighters weighing-in and one of them misses weight they are penalized.  I suppose it's up to the commission, but it's usually something to the effect of a percentage of your purse goes to your opponent.  A percentage of your purse then goes to the commission I do believe.  So what gives when both fighters miss weight like in this instance?  Are there no penalties and it's settled via agreeing to fight at a catchweight?  So is it "OK" for both fighters to miss weight?