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Does Rafael dos Anjos Deserve Another Fight In The UFC?

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So I was thinking about this last night, but just got a chance to put my thoughts up. Normally when a fighter goes 0-2 in his first two fights inside the UFC, he's cut from the promotion. There are countless fighters that I could mention that've suffered this fate. Hell, there have been times when a fighter loses his debut and is cut from the promotion. Rafael dos Anjos has lost to Jeremy Stephens and Tyson Griffin. I felt that dos Anjos was winning the Stephens fight until he got hit with that Mortal Kombat uppercut out of nowhere. Regardless, he lost that fight and lost to Tyson Griffin the other night although he shined in a couple of spots in that fight. My question is simple. Even though dos Anjos has lost his first two fights in the UFC, does he deserve another fight inside the promotion? Would you like to see him fight again in the UFC? I would like to see him get another shot at it. The guy comes to fight, point blank period. There are no hugging for decisions, or any of that other nonsense we see from some fighters. This guy obviously is well versed in submissions, has a good chin, and is improving his standup(even though it's still sloppy at times). Give me your thoughts.