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Carolina Fight Promotions: "Clash At The Coast 2" Quick Results

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Carolina Fight Promotions held their first MMA event of 2009 this past weekend in Wilmington, NC. The main event saw Cesar Llamas vs. Robert Owens for the CFP featherweight title.  Llamas came away with the victory with a fight ending rear naked choke at 3:11 of Round 2.  The other fight results are as follows:

  • Robert Abrantes defeated Chris Clarke via Submission(RNC) at 2:48 of Rd. 2
  • Jeffrey Tharington defeated Grant Harris via Unanimous Decision 
  • Jenny Yum defeated Jordan McDonald via Unanimous Decision
  • Chris Sutton defeated Seth Edwards via Unanimous Decision 
  • Andre Adams defeated Sam Carr via TKO(Ref Stoppage) at 1:16 of Rd. 1
  • Robert Kirkpatrick defeated Dustin Turberville via KO at 0:23 of Rd. 1
  • Jeff Loken defeated Simon Chi via TKO(Ref Stoppage) at 2:59 of Rd. 2
  • Tomar Washington defeated Chris Crawford via KO at 2:53 of Rd. 3
  •  Christopher Cain defeated Clayton Wilson via Submission(Armbar) at 2:42 of Rd. 1

Pro Bouts

  • Rusty Cooke defeated Justin Dalton via Submission(Armbar) at 0:51 of Rd. 1
  • Mike Brown defeated Jeremy Stevens via Submission(RNC) at 1:18 of Rd. 1
  • Cesar Llamas defeated Robert Owens via Submission(RNC) at 3:11 of Rd. 2(145 Title Fight)