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Report: Thiago Silva vs. Keith Jardine At UFC 102

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According to MMAJunkie:

Sources close to the organization have informed ( that "The Dean of Mean" and Siva have verbally agreed to meet at the Aug. 29 event.

Bout agreements are expected to be finalized shortly.

Very smart matchmaking in my opinion.  This is a winnable fight for Keith Jardine, and he needs a win badly right now despite the gauntlet of top fighters he's faced lately.  I was hearing that Zuffa was talking about Keith Jardine vs. Anderson Silva.   However, matching Silva up against Forrest Griffin puts Silva in with a bigger name opponent which should help his cause should he win.  The Jardine/Thiago Silva winner produces a fighter that's still relevant in the LHW division.  Whereas, the originally rumored fights would have more than likely eliminated both of them from the contenders list.

These matchups could potentially give us Keith Jardine vs. Forrest Griffin 2 should both of them win.  Well done Joe Silva.