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Who Would Take Anderson Silva's Spot As Middleweight Champ If He Leaves The Division?

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Of course, all of this is hypothetical in that Anderson Silva hasn't announced that he's leaving the division or anything.  However, it could be a possibility down the road so I wanted to ask the question.  There are a handful of guys in the division that are capable of taking charge once Silva is out of the picture.  However, my odds on favorite would probably be Nate Marquardt:

  • He's a huge middleweight and one of the strongest
  • He's very experienced and well rounded
  • He's still evolving as a fighter

Of course there are other fighters that I could mention.  However, none of them possess all the tools that Marquardt does.  He can end a fight in a variety of ways as he's well versed in submissions, he can grind out a decision, and his striking game is still improving as we saw against Wilson Gouveia and Martin Kampmann.

Who would be your odds on favorite to take the middleweight strap if Anderson Silva leaves the division and why?