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Okay, while reading Rich Wyatt's interview with Jarrod Card, it got me thinking.  Seeing all these different MMA gyms popping up in some of the least likely places lets me know that the sport is not only growing, but there's a growing number of individuals that are getting into the sport.  I mean, there's literally a jiu-jitsu school within walking distance from my home.  Now, the question I ask myself the more and more I get into MMA and the more and more I analyze fights and what fighters themselves are doing is...could I become an MMA Fighter?  Well, that's a pretty big question...

The more and more someone (especially us men) get into a sport, the more and more we want to get involved in that sport.  At least that's how it has been in my lifetime.  The more I saw Michael Jordan play for the Chicago Bulls, the more it motivated me to want to play basketball, and that can be applied to any sport any of us really watched with a passion.  Now I know there are quite a few guys here on these boards that actually do train or have trained before and I'm sure once you took that leap you either realized it wasn't for you or you took it up for the exercise and fun. 

At 28, I'm still young but in my opinion not young enough to pick up something with so much involved in it.  Sure, I'd love to take some jiu-jitsu classes or some kickboxing...nothing major.  Though I know it wouldn't go any further than some sparring and a way for me to not actually lose weight but to tone my body so that the weight I have isn't in all the wrong places (this gut has to go), still in the back of my mind I think...maybe I could be half decent in MMA.  I mean, I'm 6' 6", got a huge reach...long legs...I could do this!  Then I think back to my freshmen year in high school, when our PE teacher had us learn wrestling for a week.  During that class I had two matches.  One against a guy more my size, the other against a guy a wee bit shorter than me.  I actually won against the guy my size, in fact, I destroyed him.  The shorter guy was a different story.  This guy was a football player and you would've thought I was going against Rampage Jackson circa his Pride days the way I was getting slammed all over the mat.  So that let me know definitively that size only matters in the bedroom. 

So with hardly any background in any form of martial arts or wrestling or jiu-jitsu, it'd be a long climb for me to be any good at something that I'm growing to really enjoy the more and more I watch.  The question to you guys is, for those that haven't or have only done a little, would you ever faithfully attempt to become an MMA fighter?  Would you dedicate your time, money, and effort to get to a level where you could actually compete?  Could you do it?