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5 Reasons Why The UFC Should Come Back To North Carolina

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As most of you know I visited some of my old college buddies this past weekend in Charlotte, NC, enduring that long 2 1/2 hour drive.  While I was driving back home yesterday I started thinking, it's ridiculous that the UFC hasn't held an event in North Carolina.  I know they had the "Fight For The Troops" event here in Fayetteville this past December.  However, that event was only for military personnel to attend for the most part.  I'm talking about holding an event, either a Ultimate Fight Night or PPV event here in the state in which anyone can attend.  You are probably reading like, why would they want to visit little ol North Carolina?  Check it:

  • There are 5(Ft. Bragg being the largest in the US) military bases here in North Carolina, and the soldiers LOVE MMA(The UFC).
  • North Carolina has two metropolitan areas(Raleigh/Durham, Charlotte/Gastonia) right at or just over 2 million people.  North Carolina is ranked 10th overall in the US for population
  • North Carolina is the home of 16 public colleges and universities, 36 private colleges and universities, and 58 community colleges.  Which equates to a large number of people in that coveted 18-34 age demographic.
  • North Carolina has at least two arenas that can accomodate up to 20,000 people.  Time Warner Cable Arena(Charlotte Bobcats in Charlotte), and the RBC Center(Carolina Hurricanes in Raleigh)
  • North Carolina is a great central location for all the east coast fans coming from Florida all the way up to Maine. 

There are other reasons like I just want to goto another major MMA event(I went to UFC 88 in Atlanta)  Seriously though, I'm sure other states can make a case as to why the UFC should go there.  However, it's almost like you never hear Dana White or anyone from the UFC talk about coming to North Carolina to do an event.  There's no denying that we could fill up an arena of 20,000 not to mention the influx of fans coming from Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, and other surrounding states.  I'm sure they'll do another event for the troops, but  I'm see if I can find out what's up from someone at Zuffa in terms of when or if they'll be coming back for a regular event in which everyone can attend.  Also, all my North Carolina heads feel free to drop reasons I missed in the comments section.