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I Respect Kyle Maynard...

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After watching his fight this past weekend, it's clear that his MMA career shouldn't go any further.  I respect the hell out of the guy for overcoming all the things he's overcome thus far in his life.  I mean he lost via decision without having any arms or legs for the most part.  He lost via decision.  If I were Maynard, I probably would not want to live.  That's me talking after I've lived 30 years with arms and legs that have helped me accomplish a lot of things athletic wise.  So my mindset could be different if I had to grow up without limbs the way Maynard did. 

Anyways, I don't wish to see him fight again.  It's not because it was kind of boring, but for 2 other reasons:

  1. If Maynard fought someone that was ruthless?  He could get seriously hurt.  Then that fighter would catch a bad rap for doing his job, which is fighting to win.
  2. I don't like the special rules of him being a grounded opponent.  Simply because if they didn't provide the special rules, #1 would DEFINITLEY happen.

I look at it like this, MMA is a sport just like the other major sports.  There are always athletes that overcome all types of obstacles to play professional sports.  Jim Abbott, the former MLB pitcher with one arm comes to mind.  He was able to improvise his follow-through so that he could field balls and throw them just like everyone else.  There were no special rules implemented for him just because he had one arm.  I think the same should apply for Maynard.  Then if he can't fight without special rules, should he really be fighting?  Thoughts?