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Who Should Denis Kang Fight Next?

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Denis Kang gave some subtle hints about who he would like to face next while speaking with MMAWeekly:

I need to take a little time off to rest my body and we’ll see who’s going to be next. I know I’m not in line for a title shot yet, but there’s a couple of other 185ers who got wins that night (UFC 97) so maybe the UFC will line me up with that, but I do need a little break.”

Well, it's not to difficult to figure out. The only two middleweights to get a win at UFC 97 were Ed Herman and Nate Quarry. The more exciting fight would probably be Kang vs. Quarry, but I would be interested in a Kang vs. Herman fight as well. Simply because Herman is prone to getting subbed and Kang is well versed there. A win over Quarry would be more beneficial to Kang, especially since Quarry just took out Jason MacDonald. Which fighter would you like to see Kang fight next?