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The Changing Of The Guard In MMA

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I know we've talked about this a little in the past, but as I was driving earlier this morning it really kind of hit me.  The guys that we have all grown to love, appreciate, and root for or against in MMA are all heading out the door.  If not, they are really close to it.  I guess this all is brought to light by all the Chuck Liddell retirement talk(yes, he should retire).  However, I don't think I was aware of just how many of these once dominant fighters are close to being in the same shoes as Chuck Liddell.  The following is a list of those fighters off the top of my head:

  • Chuck Liddell
  • Randy Couture
  • Matt Hughes
  • Wanderlei Silva
  • Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
  • Dan Henderson
  • Mirko Cro Cop
  • Tito Ortiz

A few of these fighters have fights coming up that will dictate where their careers will be headed.  Of course, a few of them could step back and take a few gimmie fights to extend their careers.  However, if they were to take the Chuck Liddell route of fighting the best of the best?  They would find themselves in his shoes sooner than later.  What's amazing to me is the quicknes that these fighters can fall from the pedestals that we choose to put some of them on.  Just two years ago most of these guys were either champions or contenders for a championship.  None of them are champions anymore, and arguably none of them are contenders for a meaningful championship.