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Dana White: "We Are Going To Make Anderson Fight Again"

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Dana White speaks to InsideFighting about Liddell retiring and Anderson Silva:

When you really look at this thing and break it down he’s a crazy talented guy. He’s the Andy Warhol of mixed martial arts. He’s a artist but he hasn’t been his last two fights. He’s a f_cking shell of what he once was and its not because he’s old or broken down or anything. Now, I’m going to push Anderson. I’m going to put Anderson in fights with guys who are not afraid of him, the guys that are going to f_cking come after him….we’re going to make Anderson fight again.

Oh, you know what that means!  Well, at least I think I do.  It's a very thoro interview by Elias Cepeda.  I highly recommend you reading the entire interview.  Then come back here and give me your thoughts :).