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Rashad Evans And Rampage Jackson Almost Fight Outside The Octagon?

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Rashad Evans talks to MMAInsider about a photo shoot attended by both he and Rampage Jackson:

I looked at him and he walked out of the room," Evans told MMAInsider. "He was like, 'that's messed up putting us together.' They tried to separate us, and the UFC walked him out in the hallway and walked me out in the hallway. And they walked me into the same hallway he was at.

"I looked at him and I was like, what, man? He was like, 'Rashad don't talk to me, man! Don't talk to me! Don't say nothin' to me! You don't know me! You don't know me!' The (expletive) I need to know you for?"

Nobody threw any punches, but according to Rashad Evans it's going to be on:

"I don't dislike him, but I really want to whup his ass, you know what I'm saying?" Evans said. "I don't know where that falls. I like Quinton. He's a funny guy, and a great person, but I really want to beat his ass. Is that too much of a hypocrisy?"

Oh dear GOD.  I like Lyoto Machida very much as a fighter, but please let Rashad Evans beat him so we get Rampage Jackson vs. Rashad Evans.  I can only imagine the smack talk between those two as they hype up that fight. Do you think this was a publicity stunt, or do they genuinely have a 'dislike' for one another?