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Michael Bisping: "Leites Probably Won The First Two Rounds"

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Michael Bisping blogs about episode three of TUF and gives his thoughts on the UFC 97 main event:

I wasn’t impressed at all with the main event. You never want to disrespect fellow fighters, much less two contesting a UFC world title, but I think both guys should hang their heads in shame, quite honestly. Leites probably won the first two rounds but nothing happened in the fight.

I fought on the first card in Montreal last April, and the Canadians are tremendous supporters of the UFC. They deserved a hell of a lot better than they got from these two. I've seen more aggression from my fiancé when she hits the January sales.

It was very frustrating for me to be sitting on my couch seeing Anderson Silva, who keeps saying how he’s gone through the middleweight division. I would have fought harder than both of them put together, and so would a lot of other middleweights.

I probably would have given Leites the second round.  All I remember was him landing a pretty good takedown and making it to half guard for a milli-second.  The following is pure conjecture on my part.  If Anderson Silva does in fact move up to LHW, the UFC just might find themselves a marketable fighter in Bisping to carry the middleweight torch.  Of course, he has to get past Dan Henderson at UFC 100 first and foremost.  However, having Bisping as champion would do wonders for Zuffa in the UK market.