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Quoteworthy: Anderson Silva On Thales Leites, Liddell Retirement Talk, And Wanderlei Silva

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Anderson Silva speaking exclusively with Tatame on Thales Leites:

Once again we made our job. I was just upset to have fought with Thales, I wasn’t happy with that, but work is work.

 So he didn't think Leites was deserving, or he didn't want to fight him because he's Brazilian, or he didn't want to fight him because he had trained with Leites's team before?

You’ve already beaten most of the top fighters of the UFC in your category... Does this disincentive you to continue fighting in your weight?


No. I’m very motivated to fight, I continue happy to be doing my job, but is as I’ve said. I’m no longer a kid, I have much to lose. It took so long to get here and we, as the age comes, do more conservative fights, I won’t expose myself and be knocked out. I have to be the most efficient possible with any opponent that I fight and that is what we are proposing, with lot of study we have done over the opponents, trainings, watching videos, talking with several people... People have no idea, we were almost an entire month talking to the whole coach team, our doctor, physiologist, several people, to see what we could or not do during the fight. I’m very happy for the result, I was able to use people who are willing to help me on the technical, physical and theoretical part. And that’s bringing results. I’m happy, I'm motivated, I love fighting in the UFC, but people must understand that fight is fight, I’m doing a fight that preserve my health, technique, and that is always like this, superior in some moments of the fight. One day I’ll lose, I’m not unbeatable, but the control we do have nothing wrong.


On Liddell's Retirement:

Do you think Liddell should retire after this defeat?


I don’t think so. Liddell is a reference of the UFC, and, particularly, if that happens I will be very sad, because he and Couture are references of the UFC, the face of the UFC. He has to talk with his team, his family, but I think Chuck is a fantastic person, a great champion, has to be respected for everything that has already done and still does


On Wanderlei Silva:

Look, I have nothing against Wanderlei, I think every person speak what they want. He can say whatever he wants, but I don’t consider a declared war, even because I’m very well settled in relation to what I did and do in the UFC. Regardless of everything, I want to make very clear to everyone that I didn’t get here for nothing, I’m no fool. I started like any other fighter, did a well done job and Wanderlei is a great champion, deserves all my respect. People say that I commented about training... I didn’t comment about training, even because this has no sense. Is a code of honor that all black belt has... People say what they want. I respect everyone, Demian, Thales, Wanderlei, all my opponents. I never lacked with respect to anyone, but also I’m not afraid of anyone. I’m here to fight anyone, I always fought, but about this, "war"... First, to have a war there must be disagreements. I’m ok, I’m not worried about this and people have to stop talking about me.

It's a long read, but worth it.