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MMA For Real Fantasy League UFC 97 Results

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Sorry for the delay again but we're back at it.  UFC 97 was harsh to some and pleasant to others.  We have some new champions, yeah I got ousted from the top prize and we had the re-emergence of a former champ.  So congrats to the winners.  Also the Power Rankings (which will replace the overall rankings from before) will be done via a fanpost once I sort out all that are available.  So it'll take me a little more time to do the overall standings but we have our champions crowned now.  Check 'em up.

#1 - B-Money (9-3) - 29 points

#2 - Felix (9-3) - 23 points

#3 - Charles Walker (8-4) - 16 points

MMA4Real UFC 97 Standings

  1. B-Money (9-3) - 29 points (REIGNING UFC CHAMP)
  2. Felix (9-3) - 23 points (REIGNING WEC CHAMP)
  3. Charles Walker (8-4) - 16 points (REIGNING STRIKEFORCE CHAMP)
  4. the barrbarian (8-4) - 12 points
  5. Neil (7-5) - 15 points
  6. funnytiger (7-5) - 7 points
  7. Wookalarman (6-6) - 24 points
  8. cauliflower_ears (6-6) - 12 points
  9. NastyNate78 (6-6) - 10 points
  10. bdw ( 5-7) - 17 points
  11. Kelvin Hunt (5-7) - 7 points (TIED FOR THE YAMMA PIT TITLE)
  12. 3PA (5-7) - 7 points (TIED FOR THE YAMMA PIT TITLE)

Sorry Jamar, when you posted, prelims had already started, so it really wouldn't be fair to count your picks.  Remember for the belts, how many you get right counts more towards your standing and THEN we look at the overall points but power rankings will be different.  Anyways, congrats to B-Money for steamrolling to the top and Felix for maintaining his dominance as a champion.  Sorry Kelv, but you can make up at UFC 98 (which I believe is our next event) so we all have time to lick our wounds and pick up fresh in May!  Thanks guys and stay tuned to the fanposts for the full Power Rankings!