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Rumor: Junior dos Santos vs. Justin McCully At UFC 101 or 102?

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That's the rumor according to Junior dos Santos himself via Tatame:

“Probably I’ll be back in August, at UFC 101 or 102, and maybe against Justin McCully.  They haven’t confirmed it yet, but spoke about it. He’s tough, fights for a long time, but I don’t know much about him. I’m training for a long time, but nothing hard yet."

What the hell...Justin McCully?  April Fool's was yesterday right?  How on earth could they match him up with McCully?  I know it's not set in stone(at the moment) or whatever, but why would they even contemplate this matchup is beyond me.  I understand you need to build fighters up and whatnot, but the two fighters he has beaten in the UFC are beyond McCully!  Junior dos Santos publically called out Cheick Kongo right here last month.  That's a much more logical fight then Justin McCully.  Let that man fight the winner of Cheick Kongo/Antoni Hardonk.