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First Episode Of TUF 9 Geared Toward UK Fans

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I know you are like, of course it was as the episode only showed the UK fighters fighting to win a trip to Las Vegas to stay on the show.  What I'm getting at is the depiction of the UK fighters as potentially superior to the American fighters.  Most of the UK elimination fights ended rather quickly via either submission or KO.  Then near the end of the episode, Dana White piped up and gave a vivid description of the UK fighters.  In a nutshell, he basically was saying that if the American fighters are on some bullshit, the UK fighters are going to kick their asses.  Then of course they aired the footage of one of the American fighters fainting and falling off the treadmill looking clumsy as hell.  It was like saying, look at how weak and pathetic these guys are. 

Who knows, maybe the UK fighters will be able to wreck the Americans?  It was clear to me that the first episode was geared toward making sure the UK fans had fighters that they could get behind and cheer for.  Which is a nice play on the theme of the show.