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Did Anderson Silva Overtrain For Thales Leites At UFC 97?

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Anderson Silva weighed in at 182 pounds for the UFC 97 official weigh in.  You may say what's the big deal about 3 pounds?  Well, Anderson Silva reportedly walks around well over 200 pounds when he's not training for a fight.  He cuts a significant amount of weight to fight at middleweight.  So why would he cut an additional 3 pounds that he didn't have to cut?  Ask anybody that has cut weight before, it's not all.  Also there was a report this week that Anderson worked out for well over an hour during media day this week.  Fighters usually only workout for 10-15 minutes or so during these same media day workouts.  So why have the extended workout, which even cut into the time of the other fighters according to the same report?

I don't know if Anderson overtrained or not, but the questions being asked are legitimate.  I don't ever recall Silva coming in this much underweight since joining the UFC in 2006.  The word is that Silva was very disappointed in his UFC 90 performance, so maybe he turned the notch up on this training camp a little too far?  Why else would he weigh in three pounds under the contracted weight limit of 185lbs?