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MMA4Real Exclusive Interview with Seth "The Silverback" Petruzelli

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It's been a little over six months since Seth "The Silverback" Petruzelli reannounced himself to the MMA world.  After first appearing on The Ultimate Fighter 2 and going 0-2 inside the UFC, Petruzelli collected a win on a local show in Florida.  Then proceeded to put an end to the EliteXC hype train known as Kimbo Slice.  Since that October fight, Petruzelli has been busy outside of the MMA world.  MMA4Real was able to catch up with the MMA veteran to find out what he's been up to, who he wants to fight, and who he could possibly sign with.  Let's get right to it:

Kelvin Hunt-Seth, we haven't seen you in action for quite some time.  Tell us a little about what's been going on with you since your big win over Kimbo Slice?

Seth Petruzelli-I have been real busy with my Smoothie King a lot of new catering accounts.  Also been training my  ass off at the best gym in Florida!! "The Jungle MMA and Fitness"

Kelvin Hunt-Good stuff.  Let's go ahead and get this out of the way.  I know you offered a re-match to Kimbo a couple of times and you said you don't think that there will be one.  Do you still feel this way and why?

Seth Petruzelli-Yea I guess....I signed 2 letters of intent saying I'd fight him but got nothing back.  I think he feels the same way now, cause I dont have a fight lined up with him yet!

Kelvin Hunt-Right, I suppose some of that has to do with Kimbo's EliteXC contract kind of being in limbo with him reportedly still negotiating with Strikeforce.  Which brings me to this.  Strikeforce middleweight Scott Smith has gone on record saying he doesn't think that Strikeforce should sign you.  What's your response to that and what do you bring to the table in regards to why an organization should sign you?

Seth Petruzelli-Scott who???  Isn't he the guy who fought Duane Ludwig in KOTC with Vans on his feet????  Scott=clown shoes!   Seriously why would you talk crap about a guy who's trying to do the same thing you do for a living?  I have delt with a lot of haters since the fight, I'm used to it.  Every fight I have had has been exciting...I love to stand and bang and a lot of people want to see me fight again.  I know it will help Strikeforce having me on the team!

Kelvin Hunt-You caught a lot of heat from the EliteXC debacle.  I know there was an investigation by the Florida commission and you were cleared of the allegations brought forth.  However, do you feel as if you have been blackballed a little bit by the MMA world in regards to how everything went down with the fall of EliteXC?

Seth Petruzelli-Yea I guess a little, Square Ring Promotions signed me to a fight, thats been the only big org that has...I get offers all the time, pretty much each week from smaller orgs willing to pay good $ to have me fight.  I need to hold out for a big org to fight on.  It kinda sux because I am very loyal.  If you take care of me I'll take care of you.  The whole EliteXC thing was B.S.  They were in debt before I fought, and my words got misconstrued.

Kelvin Hunt-I know you stated you are signed with Square Ring Promotions, are you in negotiations with any other promotions?

Seth Petruzelli-I am currently signed with Square Ring Promotions (Roy Jones fights) and I'm hoping to fight for Strikeforce in June.

Kelvin Hunt-Which leads me to my next question.  One rumor that came out of this past weekend's Strikeforce show is that Tito Ortiz could possibly sign with them.  I know you've stated that you would like to fight him in the past.  Is that a fight you are still interested in, and how do you see that fight going?  What type of problems would a fighter like Tito present to you?

Seth Petruzelli-For Sure!  Yea his takedowns are ok, but his head is out of the game.  I know I could KO him on his feet. 

Kelvin Hunt-Ok, besides Tito is there anyone else out there you would like to fight?  Would you ever consider going over to Japan to fight?

Seth Petruzelli-I'd fight anyone they give me!

Kelvin Hunt-Ok, let's switch gears just a bit.  You opened a new gym in Orlando I think it is?  Tell us a little bit about that and what people can expect if they check the gym out and who are some of guys that you have  in place as far as trainers go?

Seth Petruzelli-It's over 7,000 sq ft of bad assness!! We got season 8 UFC fighter Tom Lawler as one of our main trainers.  Over 30 pro mma fights to his name and BJJ black belt Mike Lee.  And MEEEEE!!  I'm teaching the Muay Thai!  We have a full 24' cage a 24' boxing ring, weight and cardio machines, bags galore and sexy people that train here!!!

Kelvin Hunt-Word, sexy people are always a motivational factor as long as they are females in my case!  So you still have the smoothie king franchise.  Obviously, you are preparing for a life after your fighting career is over with these ventures outside of MMA.  Is that something you've always tried to do? 

Seth Petruzelli-Yea so many fighters fight and that's it....I'm thinking past that.  I have always been an entrepreneur, and I love to be healthy so a smoothie king franchise seemed right!  They are a great company to work with!  Its hard though balancing a full time job, owning a smoothie king, and a full time job owning the gym...not to mention full time fighting!!!

Kelvin Hunt-Indeed, that sounds like more than a handful.  A lot of fans don't know you've been in the fight game almost a decade, yet you are not even 30 yrs old.  How much longer do you want to continue fighting, and what else do you want to accomplish in the sport?

Seth Petruzelli-Yes my 1st pro fight was Jan of I've been in the game a while.  I won't ever stop fighting...only when my body tells me too!!

Kelvin Hunt-I know you've stated that you are a self proclaimed 'goofball' and that you like to have fun.  Tell us something about Seth that a lot of people would be surprised to know?

Seth Petruzelli-I poop in the shower every time I'm in there.  And I have a huge hemorrhoid that never goes away. 

Kelvin Hunt-Damn, I lost with that question.  Do you have any parting thoughts or anyone you would like to thank?

Seth Petruzelli-I appreciate all the support you all give me...muah muah hugs and kisses!    and please check out

MMA4Real would like to thank Seth for his time, and wish him good luck in the future.

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