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My Thoughts On Dana White's Interview Comments

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I just wanted to take a second to speak on some of Dana White's remarks from the video I posted up last night.  I'm speak on the part where he was talking about credentialing blogs and all that.  I agree that Zuffa or any organization shouldn't credential anyone simply because they have went out and started their own MMA website/blog whatever you want to call it.  I certainly wouldn't do it, but I'm kinda of torn about this.  His basis is that the majority of these guys are not 'real journalist', and I'd have to say that he's absolutely right.  I certainly do not have a degree in journalism, as my college degree is in education.  What I and a few others have is very indepth knowledge of the sport, and the fighters which just happens to be the most important thing.  There are tons of people working everyday in a field that's not related to what their degree is in.  You have some 'journalist' out there attempting to cover the sport that don't HAVE A CLUE about either.  I don't know, maybe that's what they want so they can be molded into favorable coverage or something.  In defense of White, I have read some stuff at a few MMA websites that made it seem as if they didn't have a clue either.  In terms of what MMA4Real covers, the majority of the times it's all about the fights and/or fighters.  That's really all I care about, because all of this political stuff isn't for me.  I always say there are two sides to every story, and we have no way of really knowing(well I don't) every piece of important information to really write about things like the Zuffa/Sherdog debacle.         

Now I have no idea how they would qualify which blogs/websites would get credentialed.  I don't know what their criteria would be.  What I do know is that they read what some of us bloggers write, so that's a start.  In fact, they're several people that write for blogs/websites that get credentialed via other means.  What I don't understand is how Dana tries to dismiss blogs/websites, but reads them and uses them to influence some of the decisions that are made at Zuffa.  There's no doubt in my mind that certain pieces of information are leaked, just to see what the reaction will be from the blogosphere.  Whether or not MMA4Real is ever credentialed isn't a big deal to me.  Most of their shows are on the west coast, in which I wouldn't be attending anyways.  However, if they ever come back to North Carolina, I'd love to be there.  The difference between me and most of the so called 'real journalist' is that I'm a knowledgeable fan.  I'm just as big of a fan of the sport as Dana White as are most of the bloggers and writers online.  That should count for something.