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Would You Want To See Tito Ortiz vs. Kevin Randleman?

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Let's not put the horse before the cart. I realize that Tito hasn't signed with Strikeforce yet. However, I'm just putting this out there. There was a fanpost on yesterday talking about Tito Ortiz and him possibly signing with Strikeforce. I went off in the comments section listing reasons questioning why Strikeforce would do so. One of the reasons was there are no money fights. I mean Tito could fight Babalu, who's a very good fighter but he's not a good promoter like Tito. Therefore, I don't think it would be a good money fight. However, I forgot all about Kevin Randleman signing with Strikeforce. As you can see in the video, Kevin Randleman wants to fight Tito Ortiz. In fact, I remember listening to him last year going OFF on Tito about how he hasn't fought anybody in the past few years etc etc. Look, you can see it in the video that Kevin Randleman would be great at promoting that fight. He's charismatic, a former UFC champ, and just has the look to make a fight with Tito a money fight for Strikeforce.

I'm not calling Kevin Randleman a 'warm up' fight by any means. I'm big fan of the guy as he has had some big wins, and fought the who's who of MMA. However, at this point he probably is a little past the peak of his career. He's coming off a lot of injuries just like Tito, and Tito has mentioned that he wants a 'warm up' fight in his first fight back. Is this not a perfect scenario or what? Since the Frank Shamrock fight is off the table for Tito, would you want to see Tito Ortiz vs. Kevin Randleman? If the fight took place, who would win and why?