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Quoteworthy: Anderson Silva Warns "The Axe Murderer"

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Courtesy Of FightersOnly:

In an appearance on Brazil’s Sensei Sport TV this weekend, Anderson said it was “pretentious” for his former Chute Boxe colleague to be dropping down to 185lbs. Addressing Wanderlei directly, he added: “You going to get yourself in trouble”.

Later in the show, Anderson pointedly refused to include Wanderlei in a list of middleweight UFC fighters who might legitimately challenge him for the belt.

I couldn't find audio of this interview, but it's no secret that there has been bad blood between these two going all the way back to their PRIDE days.  In fact, the link goes indepth about it.  I'd like to see this fight if Wandy could beat Rich Franklin at UFC 99, and possibly win 1-2 more after that.  However, at this point in their careers I think Anderson would murderlize Wandy.  The reach advantage and power of Anderson Silva coupled with Wandy's chin spells a highlight reel KO.  I have to agree with Anderson here though.  Wanderlei must win a few at middleweight before I'd call him a challenger to the title.  Would you want to see this one?