Tito Ortiz discusses (bad) health, (not) fighting, and....blah

From 5 oz. of pain:

"Everybody's askin' when you fighting, when you fightin'....."
      -Tito "Legendary in his own mind" Ortiz

It's 4:22 min's long. I'll save you the 4 minutes plus of your life.
Tito's back and his UFC contract expiration are supposedly the reasons why it'll be another 6 months before he fights. Tito has long since become the Oscar De La Hoya of MMA for me (minus the absurdy amount of money DLH showed in his 24/7 lead up to Mayweather). Tito makes it sound like the legions of MMA fans want to see Tito after getting ran through by Machida. I've never been a big hater of Tito or a big supporter for that matter....but his incessant voice in the background of different promotions clamoring for attention even tho' he's not fighting anytime soon has grown tiresome. He mentions the guys he fought (and lost to) and blaming his back....maybe he should have just gotten the back fixed years ago as opposed to now.

Tito's still on that "I demand big money" for all the fighters....I'm all for that theory...but that's what killed Affliction and has killed other promotions. They are overpaying for people who are not big draws. Tito's a draw...well, was, but he's delusional (clearly) as he wonders why DLHoya pulls 25 million per fight.....BECAUSE HE SELLS MILLIONS OF PPV's along with one other marquee fighter....not as part of an 8-12 fight card.

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