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UFC To Appear On ESPN's E:60 In May

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According to Zach Arnold courtesy of Dave Meltzer:

This according to Dave Meltzer, who says that ESPN camera crews will be in Montreal this weekend at UFC 97 to tape an interview with Dana White. The show will focus on his Youtube rant against Loretta Hunt and they will ask the question that a few of us did after the incident took place: What would happen if NFL commissioner Roger Goodell displayed the same public behavior?

The UFC edition of E:60 will air on May 12th.

First of all, it's great that ESPN will be in Montreal to cover the event.  It'll be interesting to see if the UFC can recapture the magic that UFC 83 had when it ventured into Canada for the first time.  In regards to the Dana White interview, Zuffa will have some major spin control on this one.  I'm pretty sure at some point Dana will include one of his favorite phrases "At the end of the day....yada yada yada" and be over an done with it.  My answer to the question would be, you don't have reporters questioning and writing about every move you make if you are Roger Goodell.  Then again, Goodell doesn't have to put himself out there like Dana White does either because the NFL is the NFL.