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John Hackleman Weighs In On Liddell vs. Rua

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Long time Lidell trainer, John Hackleman tells the difference between Liddell training with him and Howard Davis Jr.  As well as his thoughts on Liddell/Rua at UFC 97:

"Howard has a much different style than I do," Hackleman says. "He fills in a lot of gaps and teaches Chuck a lot of new things. I just see Chuck overpowering [Rua], outlasting him, out-muscling him. I think they are both really, really good. I think Shogun’s a fantastic fighter, but I think Chuck’s just going to out-everything him, just be a step ahead."

I think this fight’s going to make Chuck look really, really, really good."

If Shogun at UFC 93 shows up, Hackleman will be prophetic.