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The Aftermath Of Frank Shamrock vs. Nick Diaz

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First of all, I want to thank those of you that chose to represent and spend your time here in my absence.  I just got home from the beach about an hour ago, and just watched the Shamrock/Diaz fight from last night.  I have to say that the fight went pretty much the way I thought it would, except I didn't think Diaz would be able to finish Shamrock.  He did.  I made the case for Nick Diaz, and pretty much hit it on the button with each bullet.  I thought it was a relatively easy fight to predict, but I suppose some people can get caught up in the hype that Shamrock promotes himself with.  The fact of the matter is Frank Shamrock got exposed last night.  He's been handpicking opponents since coming back to fight Caesar Gracie in 2006.  Gracie had never had a professional fight, and Phil Baroni was pretty much a one dimensional brawler.  Cung Le is pretty one dimensional as well.  However to his credit, Shamrock has been pretty open about who he wants to fight.  Which is whoever can help him promote the fight he partakes in.

I think Shamrock has come to the end of his road, that is unless Strikeforce handpicks his opponents from now on.  He looked awful in the fight against Diaz.  As I pointed out, the injuries have taken their toll on him in terms of his ground game.  He exploded once to be able to get up off his back, but other than that, Diaz passed his guard with NO resistance whatsoever.  I mean Nick Diaz is LEGIT on the ground, but it was like he was passing my guard when watching the 

I think Nick Diaz could simply take Frank Shamrock's slot in terms of Strikeforce's next 'superstar' if you will.  He has the skills, and definitely has the ability to promote the fights.  I'd like to see him face either Cung Le or Robbie Lawler next. 

Also, since I missed the event as it went down...feel free to give me your thoughts on this fight and the event as a whole.