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Thiago Silva Speaks On Forrest Griffin And Loss To Machida

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Thiago Silva speaks to Tatame on Forrest Griffin:

The expectation is good, the UFC has given me a good chance to recover my name. I’ll face a tough guy, I’ll give my best and train a lot. It will be a tough fight, sure, he’s a very good fighter, but I'm prepared", said the fighter, ensuring that won’t change his style after the first defeat of his career, against Lyoto Machida. "Anyone who knows me knows how I fight, I go for it and only on will be standing after the fight, for sure".

I've always been really critical of Silva in that I thought he was overrated before the loss to Machida.  I think he has skills, but people were entirely on his jockstrap too much considering the level on competition he had faced up to that point.  He'll have a chance to prove himself against top competition again at UFC 101.  However,  I expect Griffin to handle him pretty easily actually.  Here he speaks on the loss to Machida:

Caution, not to be nervous. I thought I wouldn’t be nervous with Lyoto, because he runs a lot, but in the first minute I was already pulling my hair off... I think patience is the key", he says, dreaming with a rematch against the man who defeated him: "this revenge is what I want most in my life, brother".

Dang, Machida has guys shook like that?  I think Machida beats Silva 10 out of 10 times.  Give me your thougths on the Silva/Griffin matchup and your thoughts on Silva in general.