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CQC In The Cage Quick Results

This North Carolina MMA event took place in Fayetteville, NC, on April 4th.  The fight results are as follows:

  • Zachary Klouse defeated George Greaves via Submission(RNC) In Rd. 1
  • Jerrod Sanders defeated Jesse Labounty via Submission(RNC) In Rd. 1
  • Justin Hill defeated Jacque Valentin via Unanimous Decision
  • Jose Oseguera defeated Chad Booth via Unanimous Decision
  • Christian Brunetti defeated Leonard Johnson via Submission(RNC) In Rd. 3
  • Pete Martin defeated Nick Tellez via Unanimous Decision
  • Elim Rivera defeated Jason Rivera via Submission(Armbar) In Rd. 2
  • Pat Wiggs defeated Tommy Gross via Submission(Armbar) In Rd. 2
  • Jeffrey Patterson defeated Don McClain via TKO In Rd. 2
  • Zach Guard defeated William Hedgecoe via Submission(Armbar) In Rd.
  • Antwon "Zeus" Harris defeated Jesus Bruno via TKO(Ref Stoppage) In Rd. 1
  • Scott Stagner defeated Stephen Ross via Submission(Armbar) in Rd. 1

Videos of these fights can be seen here.