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Quoteworthy: UFC 96 Main Event Judge

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Via Sherdog:

“One of the judges told me I lost the fight in the last 10 seconds, and that’s pretty hard to take.”

That's what one of the main event judges told Keith Jardine after the fight.  Say what?  What fight was he watching?  I honestly can't even fathom that a judge could let this statement come out of his mouth.  Now, I'm a huge Rampage fan admittedly, but there's no way Jardine could have won that fight on the scorecards.  He didn't land anything of any significance during the entire fight.  Unless you bought into the horribly biased commentary that is.  As the fight was taking place I scored it each round while doing the discussion thread here on MMA4Real.  Here's how I scored the fight:

Round 1-Very close round no doubt.  Neither fighter really landed anything significant aside from a couple of leg kicks via Jardine and a flurry that Jackson lands that back Jardine up a bit.  However, Jackson stalks and controls the octagon so I give him the edge in Round 1.

Round 2-Rampage drops Jardine and flurries landing several hard shots.  Jardine survives....Rampage hits the double leg takedown(does nothing with it) then they trade punches later in the round with both guys eating shots....

Round 3-Jackson with a takedown(does nothing with it)...Jardine lands some kicks with little on them...Jackson tags Jardine...Jackson is stalking Jardine...they clinch...Jackson stuns Jardine with punches....he drops Jardine right before the bell sounds...

I suppose it all goes back to quantity vs. quality or should I say quantity landed vs. damage caused, and a perfect example of why you can't leave it up to the judges to decide.  For those of you that watched the fight, how did you see each round and do you agree with the judges statement to Jardine?