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Lorenzo Fertitta Speaks On Giving Fighters Bonus Money

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Lorenzo Fertitta Speaking To Fighter's Only Magazine:

"('s) no different than if I have an employee at the end of the year, he's making a salary but I also give him Christmas bonuses or discretionary bonuses if I feel like they had a good year and did a good job. It's really the same thing," Fertitta said. "We sit down and say `You know what, I think this guy deserves a bonus for doing this or a bonus for doing that. He really tried hard tonight, even though he may not have won...I guarantee you that we are the only promoter in the history of the world that's paid people more than they're contracted for. And it's just part of the company culture.'"

Many of the hardcore fans have always been critical of fighter pay, and in some cases it's definitely justified and I hope it continues to get better.  However, with the way the UFC does things nowadays, you don't know who's being paid what.  Since the UFC is a private company they have the right to not share information about these 'undisclosed bonuses'.  I applaud them handing out these bonuses though. 

You could have a fighter that's making his UFC debut and nobody knows who he is.  No casual fan is coming to check for him, and he's not going to bring Zuffa any type of revenue so to speak.  Yet, he comes in and fights his heart out.  Only to make the contracted 4K to show and 4K to win(or whatever the contract is for).  However, the guys at Zuffa recognize that effort and reward him with an undisclosed bonus.  That's what's up in my book.  Thoughts?