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Quoteworthy: Big John McCarthy On Fighters Tapping

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On telling fighters that he'll stop armbars if they scream, a la Filho-Sonnen I:

"You know, like I know, when you've been put in checkmate. Since you know it, don't let it get to the point where you allow your arm to start to go. Because if you do, you know right at that moment I'm going to stop the fight.

"And now you're going to have a medical suspension that's going to take you six months out of being able to fight again. If you start to scream, I'm going to stop the fight. That's the same as a tapout, it's saying you cannot handle what's happening."

Big John McCarthy speaking to Sergio Non of USA Today.  He also says that the stoppage of the Koscheck/Thiago fight was good basically. Give me your thoughts on fighters choosing not to tap, and do you agree with his assessment of the screaming fighter?