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Is Brandon Vera Expendable With A Loss At UFC 96?

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Brandon Vera is a very good fighter that's at a crossroads in his career.  The year of 2008 wasn't too kind to "The Truth".  He went 1-2 with the win being a very lackluster decison victory against a journeyman fighter who is no longer with the UFC.  Now he finds himself on the preliminary match ups that may not even make the live broadcast of the PPV this weekend at UFC 96.

Vera has the talent and charisma to become a superstar, but does he have the work ethic?  He admitted on the a recent edition of "Inside MMA" that he had become what he despised.  A fighter that thinks they could get by without doing all the necessary work to become one of the best.  According to Vera, he now has gone back to training like a "hungry fighter" and now trains with up and coming fighters that share the same hunger.

Vera fights in one of if not the most stacked division of MMA.  There's a new promotion on the block in Strikeforce, that will be trying to add talent to their roster.  The UFC has communicated that they would like to expand and hold shows in the Philippines.  Of course Vera's father is of Filipino ethnicity, and Brandon is pretty well known there.  Vera makes a reported 100K to fight and an additional 100K to win per fight.  With a loss to Michael Patt at UFC 96, would Brandon Vera become expendable?  What if he wins unimpressively?