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Quoteworthy: Shogun Rua Talks Chuck Liddell

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 "I have to be well trained and focused to face him, and that is what I'm doing. Wanderlei is a great friend. I was in Las Vegas for a week and we spoke a lot. He said that Liddell is a good fighter, beats heavy, but said that, if I go to the fight focused and with gas, I will win this fight",

Shogun Rua speaking with about his upcoming fight against Chuck Liddell at UFC 97.  This is going to be a tough fight for Shogun if he comes in this this matchup like he did against Mark Coleman.  I know Liddell's stock isn't the same as it once was, but a gassed Shogun would not stand a chance here.  Hopefully, he's been able to train properly to address his cardio and conditioning issues.

What are your thoughts on this match up?