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The Ultimate Fighter 9 And The Big Picture

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We'll get to enjoy 2 hours of FREE MMA on tomorrow night, then those  that still watch will tune into the premier of The Ultimate Fighter 9. 

I want to talk about the big picture.

Many people point back to last season as the last straw so to speak in terms of the show hitting rock bottom.  Indeed, there were actions and things that took place that should be rightfully condemned.  However, the very same thing could be said for the very first season.  I mean airing someone pissing on someone else's bed is pretty low is it not?  That's not a good depiction of the sport, or the majority of the fighters that participate in MMA on a professional level.  Yet it happened, and just so happened to be one of the first impressions upon an audience that had no idea what MMA was.  Yet, the douchebaggery didn't seem to do any damage to our beloved sport. 

In my honest opinion, if the crazy antics that happened on the first season of TUF didn't hurt the image of MMA/UFC.  I don't see where it's going to happen now.  Every season of TUF has its moments of idiotic episodes, yet the sport of MMA continues to get sanctioned in more and more states.  The yearly UFC PPV record has been shattered as well as the records for attendance.  The UFC continues to get TV deals abroad, and garned blue chip sponsorships last year.  The very fighter most everyone dislikes from last season will be fighting tomorrow night, and I bet you'll be tuning in to see if he'll get his ass whipped.

The big picture is this.  This season of TUF is much like the first season in that it will be exposed to a new audience.  Which is a byproduct of the UK fighters featured and the theme of the show.  Of course, there are going to be moments on this season where you are going to say "what in the !uck is this", just as you've done for the past 8 seasons.  However, the purpose of this years show is to aid in the expansion of the UFC into the UK and abroad.  Just as the purpose of TUF 1 was to gain traction here in America.  As my grandfather would say..."nothing's's just the same shit...different toilet."