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Shogun Rua: I Really Have Nothing To Lose

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Shogun Rua speaks to Setanta Sports on his upcoming UFC 97 fight against Chuck Liddell:

“I know I could have been better-prepared so because of that I came to Sao Paolo to put the right emphasis on my training for my next fight. This time I’m gonna put on a much better spectacle for my fans.

I’m training more than I ever have done before. The people around me know how much I’m training for this fight. I know how much this means for my career. I’m preparing as much as I can – this fight means the world.

“Although there’s a lot of pressure on this fight, I think everybody expects him to win as the favourite in this fight. A lot of people are ruling me out because I didn’t fight well last time, but this just gives me more motivation and I really have nothing to lose.”

Oh where art thou Shogun from 2005?  You sir have everything to lose whether you realize that or not.  A poor performance or loss could be devastating to a guy that should be in his prime right now.