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A Ton Of MMA Blows In With The Month Of April

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It seems like lightyears since UFC 96, but with the month of April comes a great deal of MMA. I must admit that the timing couldn't be any better, because my favorite thing to talk about is upcoming events and the aftermath afterwards. I just wanted to put together a list of major events that will take place this month:

  • Ultimate Fight Night 18: April 1st on Spike TV
  • The Ultimate Fighter 10 Debuts April 1st on Spike TV
  • Bellator Fighting Champsionships: April 4th on ESPN Deportes
  • WEC 40: April 5th on Versus
  • DREAM 8: April 5th on HDNet
  • Bellator Fighting Championships II: April 11th on ESPN Deportes
  • Strikeforce Shamrock vs. Diaz: April 11th on Showtime
  • Bellator Fighting Championships III: April 18th on ESPN Deportes
  • UFC 97: April 18th via PPV
  • Bellator Fighting Championships IV: April 25th on ESPN Deportes

That's ten events with TUF 10 coming on every week to appease the MMA fans that still watch the show inbetween. I look forward to discussing the events and the outcomes with all of you. We have some decent fights to look forward to this month, but I want to know which one are you looking forward to the most?