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Quoteworthy: Chuck Liddell Is Going To Come Out Swinging

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Liddell spoke with Setanta Sports on his upcoming fight against former PRIDE standout Shogun Rua at UFC 97:

“He looked like he ran out of gas in his last fight and ran out early. That happens sometimes. I’m not expecting him to come out that way this time.

“Expect me to come out swinging. I’m gonna come out swinging and not stop until it’s all over.”

Yep, I could see that happening.  However, this next statement is what I'm more interested in as Liddell talks about working with ATT's Howard Davis:

“Howard’s from American Top Team, he's a '76 Gold medallist, great boxing. What he brings to me is that he tightens me up.

“He adds one or two things, and then he tightens up all the things I was doing before.”

I want to see if Liddell has made ANY adjustments to his standup game since going 1-3 in his last four fights.  I wonder if he's going to mix it up with some ground and pound?  I wonder if he's going to throw straight punches at times instead of the big looping punches he fell in love with over the years?  We'll have our answers in just a few weeks.