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Junior dos Santos: "Maybe I Can Fight Cheick Kongo Now"

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“I heard I could face Heath Herring, but then I heard he was going to Bellator event. Maybe I can fight Chick Kongo now… I hope they put some guy with a good name against me. I think it’d be an interesting fight against him (Kongo), he’s very strong, but doesn’t know a thing on the ground, he’s pretty weak. I think we’d do a great fight standing, very aggressive, and I’d be better than him on the ground, easily”.

-Junior dos Santos speaking with about what's next for him.

It's interesting he mentions Heath Herring going to Bellator.  The word is Heath Herring will be fighting Cain Velasquez at UFC 99.  Maybe dos Santos is misinformed, or maybe he knows something we don't.  Regardless, he's setting the stage to move up the UFC HW ladder now in calling out Kongo.  A fight against Cheick Kongo would be very good matchmaking provided Kongo gets past Antoni Hardonk at UFC 97.  He's a name most fans should recognize for the most part, and is 4-1 in his last five fights.  Dos Santos is currently 2-0 inside the cage, blasting through both opponents inside of 2 minutes of the first round.