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Michael Bisping On Dan Henderson-"I Know He Is Going To Lose

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Michael Bisping speaking to Setanta Sports on the Dan Henderson fight:

“Going into the fight I’m very confident. I know he’s going to lose.

“I’m going to be too big for him, too fast, his striking is nowhere near my level, all I’ve got to watch out for is his big right hand out of the clinch.

“As long as I avoid that, it’s my fight to lose.”

Well I don't know about him being the bigger fighter.  I think they are probably right around the same size, but the strength advantage leans to Henderson in my opinion.  However, I do think Bisping has a more refined striking game as he has a more varied attack.  It appears that Bisping has the right gameplan to win this fight.  If he can stay off his back(avoiding the clinch) and keep that big right hand from Henderson at bay, he'll win the decision.