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Was Alistair Overeem Robbed Against Remy Bonjasky?

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So I had to DVR the K-1 GP last night because I wasn't about to stay up until 4am to watch  So I just watched it mainly to see the Overeem/Bonjasky fight, as well as the Melvin Manhoef fight.  My GOD Manhoef was out cold for a second from that short punch.  Anyways, on to why I'm writing this. 

First of all, I thought the fight was sort of lackluster as Bonjasky seemed to be WAY off his game.  I don't know if he was respecting Overeem's punching power, or it was because Overeem was tossing him around like a ragged doll.  I do think Overeem should have at least been warned for catching Bonjasky's kicks and then returning fire.  That's not permitted under K-1 rules, he wasn't warned so like a smart fighter he kept doing it.  It was effective as well, because everytime he threw Bonjasky to the ground it forced him to expend energy to get back up.  Bonjasky was pretty much exhausted during the second round.  On to the scoring:

The first round was pretty much a draw, so I agree with that.  However, the second round was clearly Overeem's round.  I don't see how they awarded it a 10-10.  Then in the third round, I thought that Overeem was winning that round as well until he got dropped by the right hand.  After the standing 8 count, he then went back on the attack as Remy basically retreated until time expired.  I don't agree with the judges awarding Bonjasky a 10-8 just because he got the knockdown.  Without that, the round should have been clearly been Overeem's round for the win.  At most I think the third round should have been a 10-9 for Bonjasky, thus forcing another round which didn't happen. 

I'm a big Bonjasky fan, but he didn't deserve to taunt Overeem like that.  I could see if he had put a beatdown on Overeem, but that's not even close to what happened.

So was Overeem robbed or am I tripping because I have some bias for the MMA