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Roger Huerta Still Playing The Waiting Game

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Roger Huerta emerged out of seclusion to appear on Friday's panel of "Inside MMA."  On the show he talked about former opponents and who had hit him the hardest.  It's funny that he mentioned Clay Guida's name since Guida hasn't punched anyone in his last two fights.  Anyways, according to Huerta he doesn't know when he's going to fight again.  He still has that one fight left on his contract, and is playing the waiting game.  His demeanor was as if he hasn't talked with Joe Silva or anyone from the UFC in a LONG time.  That's pure conjecture on my part, but that's the sense I was getting from watching him talk on the show.  He did admit that he would be a coach on The Ultimate Fighter when Inside MMA host Kenny Rice asked the panel.  So you have to wonder what his relationship is with the UFC.  If I were a betting man, I'd say we'll see him on an undercard at some point this year.