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When Dedicated Junie Browning Can Beat Anybody

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According to Junie Browning as he spoke with FightersOnly:

“Before I went on the show I actually thought there was no way I could compete with any of them. At that time I was just doing MMA for fun. I was messing around with it and just having a good time. So when I went on to The Ultimate Fighter and saw all these guys dedicating their lives to it and really busting their ass to get in shape, it kind of shocked me. I just wanted to kick some ass and drink beer.

“I was training and fighting with these guys and I was only at 20%. I wasn’t training hard like they were and I wasn’t dedicated or disciplined like they were [but] the thing is, I was still hanging with them. I could still deal with them.

"That just gave me so much confidence after the show. I realised that, if I dedicate myself to this thing 100% I could kick everybody’s ass.

Now you kind of have to take a lot of what Junie says with a grain of salt.  He's the the only person that knows how much effort he was giving during The Ultimate Fighter.  Of course, in hindsight it's easy to exaggerate things and talk about what you could have done.  The only thing that I know is that since being on The Ultimate Fighter, Junie has been working out at Xtreme Couture the entire time.  There haven't been any reports of him being an asshole, or just going out and doing stupid things.  Which is almost a miracle considering they are based in Las Vegas.  While training with such a reputable gym, who knows, maybe Junie Browning could actually evolve into a pretty good fighter?