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Zuffa Report Card After Two Years

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As we all know today marks the two year anniversary of Zuffa's announcement that they had purchased the PRIDE Fighting Championships organization.  Wow, time flies huh?  Some fans were estatic, while others mourned the loss of an organization that many thought epitomized high level MMA.  Due to many different factors, it probably would not have been fair to grade Zuffa on such a monumental move.  However, after two years I think we can look back at what has transpired since and give a fair educated opinion.

We all dreamed of the insane fights, the stacked events, and the globalization of MMA.

Now, knowing what we know now in terms of how fighters that came from PRIDE have done in the UFC.  The UFC's expansion into the UK and now Germany with UFC 99.  The fights the UFC has been able to put on involving some of the superstars of the PRIDE promotion with fighters that were fighting in the UFC.

What grade would you give Zuffa since purchasing PRIDE?  Do you think MMA would have been better off without that purchase going down, or do you think the purchase was a good move for MMA?