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Joe Lauzon Chronicles His Journey Through Rehab

Joe Lauzon provides an update on the rehabilitation process he's enduring weeks after knee surgery:

I have still been walking with the brace when I leave the house but I can walk without it around the house. I was at rehab and they said it was okay but I was super nervous about it. I had visions of my knee exploding or something! It was fine though.

My weight has dropped quite a bit… I was around 170 when I hurt my knee. I weighed myself for the first time since surgery and I am 156. I lost 14 pounds! I knew I was going to lose some weight when I saw how flabby my whole leg is, but I thought I would be a little heavier than that. All muscle in my leg is gone… quad, hamstring, calve… all gone.

It will be interesting to see how Lauzon recovers from the injury.  I suffered my fair share of injuries during my baseball career, and it was much harder mentally to overcome them than it was physically.  It's evident that it's going to be a mental challenge for Lauzon.  Just read the last sentence aloud.  Keep your head up kid.