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Quoteworthy: Michael Bisping On TUF 9's Influence On The UK MMA Scene

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Via the Daily Telegraph:

"It definitely has the potential to draw many thousands into the sport not as followers or fans, but as participants," said Bisping. "A UK team against a US team was always going to generate great interest, and the series, I'm sure, will be enjoyed on both sides of the Atlantic.

I agree wholeheartedly.  Admittedly I thought the whole UK vs. US angle was pretty wack when it was first announced.  However, after thinking about it and hearing about the mentality of the UK people, I have to admit this could be huge for the UFC.  Hell, it could be huge for MMA in general.  Dana White talked about how many guys came out to the TUF 9 tryouts compared to TUF 3.  If I recall correctly, it went from around 30-40 fighters for TUF 3 to hundreds or more for TUF 9.  Oh, and don't let one of those bloody British fighters win TUF 9.  I could only imagine would that would do for the MMA scene in the UK.  Then if Bisping is able to defeat Dan Henderson at UFC 100, TUF 9 will have officially paid off.