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Bobby Lashley's Attitude Is Refreshing

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“I want to be a serious contender for a title before I go in there. When I get to the UFC, I want people to say ‘Bobby is good enough to go for the title.’ I would like to be holding a 5-0 or 6-0 record, somewhere around there before going into the UFC”.

That was Bobby Lashley speaking to Larry Pepe earlier this week.  He also acknowledged his shortcomings and how he's going to correct them earlier this week:

“There are more pros than cons in this fight,” said Lashley, who has trained in two to three intervals with the noted American Top Team. “Going three rounds, knowing that I can go three rounds. My shape is great, but when I went out there I didn’t really push the action like I should’ve. I haven’t really taken any time off from training. I’m training as early as today. Let’s go hit some mitts and I’m working with my boxing coach to help develop my boxing. I’m going to hit some cardio and we’re going to do some training today. I’m getting right back into it and hopefully we can get another fight in the next four, five, six weeks.”

That's the type of attitude that will take Lashley a long way in my opinion.  I'm not saying he's going to be the next HW champion, as it's clear that he has a lot of improving to do.  However, he's training with a top MMA camp in ATT and he should be able to improve drastically within the next 6-12 months.  We have all seen the progress that Brock Lesnar has made since his UFC debut.  I don't see why Lashley would be any different.  They both have great attitudes, great pedigrees, and great camps to train with. 

Give me your thoughts on Lashley, and how far do you think he'll go?