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Quoteworthy: Anderson Silva Intends To Box Roy Jones Jr.

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Anderson Silva speaks on his plans after his UFC contract is up:

After my contract with the UFC ends and end my career in MMA, I intend to have a boxing match with Roy Jones. That’s something that’s already been arranged, it’s all practically a done deal. Now I just have to wait and see.

So I guess it's also a done deal that Anderson Silva is steadfast in his desire to box Roy Jones Jr.

MMA4Real reader 3PA made a good suggestion the other day in regards to who Anderson Silva should fight after Thales Leites.  He named 3 fighters he would like to see Anderson Silva fight with those being:

Demian Maia, GSP, and Rampage Jackson

I don't know how many fights he has left on his UFC contract, but those are definitely three fights I wouldn't mind seeing for sure.  I didn't get a chance to see RJJ in his boxing match this past weekend.  Obviously, he still has skills since he stopped the guy in like the 5th round I think it was.  Silva would enjoy a significant reach advantage in that matchup.  Do you think it would be competitive?  Would an athletic  commission sanction this fight?