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Those Critical Of MMA Salaries Please Take Note

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The full payout for the MMA/Boxing hybrid event headlined by Roy Jones Jr. and Omar Sheik were released yesterday.  The numbers are below:

-Jeff Monson: $25,000 (win bonus was $10,000)
 Roy Nelson: $30,000

-Bobby Lashley: $40,000 (win bonus was $10,000)
def. Jason Guida: $15,000

-Din Thomas: $10,000 (no win bonus)
def. Gabe Lemley: $5,500

-Dennis Hallman: $6,000 (win bonus was $3,000)
def. Danny Ruiz: $2,000

-James Freeman: $600 (win bonus was $300)
def. John Mowry: $300


-Roy Jones Jr.:-(two-thirds of net profits of event)

-Omar Sheik: $50,000

-B.J. Flores: $12,500 (no win bonus)
-Jose Luis Herrera: $12,500

-Eric Clinton: $800 (no win bonus)
-Richmond Dalphone: $800

-Kieyon Bussey: $1,200 (no win bonus)
-Robert DaLuz: $1,800

-Kelvin Price: $1,500 (no win bonus)
-Kevin Howard: $1,500

Many times fans and others are critical of the salaries garnered by MMA fighters within different promotions, namely the UFC.  However, if you look at the salaries for this event all fans of MMA should be thankful.  I mean you have boxers on this card that only made $800.  Fighters making their UFC debut make way more than that nowadays, not even counting sponsorship monies.

However, one thing that disturbs me is seeing good veteran fighters like Din Thomas making $10,000.  When a TUF reject in Jason Guida makes $15,000 on short notice to come in and lose?  I know the fighters agreed to sign the contract and all, but something's not right with that picture.