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UFC On-Demand Network To Launch

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LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TVN Entertainment Corp., the world’s largest television On Demand company, today announced that it has reached an industry-wide partnership agreement with Zuffa, LLC, owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship® brand, to launch the first ever UFC® On Demand network. Under this agreement, TVN is handling sales, licensing and distribution partnerships and will also support the channel through its award-winning ADONISS encoding, transport and asset management services.

The UFC On Demand network is currently available to avid UFC fans in over 6 million homes through TVN’s distribution partners including Verizon, Rogers, Shaw Cable, Insight, WOW, Bresnan, Atlantic Broadband, and Armstrong. Additional affiliate deals are in the works that will bring UFC On Demand to over 15 million homes in North America over the coming months.

“As UFC continues to dominate as the number one promoter of the fastest growing sport in the world, we constantly look for new ways to deliver the UFC experience to all of our loyal fans,” said Dana White, UFC President. “By partnering with industry leader TVN to form our new UFC on Demand service, our fans will now be able to experience UFC whenever they want, learning more about MMA and its fighters, and seeing some of the greatest fights in the sport.”

The new channel will consist of a triple-tiered offering of three distinct folders; UFC Free Zone, UFC Fight Zone and UFC Event Zone and will be available in multiple versions including SD, HD and Spanish.

UFC Free Zone offers free informative and entertaining short features on mixed martial arts rules, fighting disciplines, styles and techniques. The highly popular Countdown UFC shows, UFC event previews and full length fighter profiles are also available via UFC Free Zone.

UFC Fight Zone offers single UFC library fights in their entirety, at $2.99 per fight with a 24-hour viewing period. UFC Fight Zone features fighters who will be competing in an upcoming UFC pay-per-view event, offering fans the opportunity to see these champions and challengers in some of their most legendary fights and most recent matchups.

UFC Event Zone offers full UFC events and specials, starting at $4.99 per title for a 24-hour viewing period. Offerings include recent UFC pay-per-view events that feature fighters who will be competing in an upcoming UFC event, as well as the original and rarely seen “UFC Classics” from 1993-1998, along with UFC’s hottest selling full-length DVDs, UFC compilation specials and replays of current pay-per-view events.