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Lorenzo Fertitta Speaks On Future UFC Plans And More

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Lorenzo Ferttita was back on the UG this weekend entertaining questions and dropped some gems on future UFC plans.  I went through all the posts and below is a synopsis of what he talked about:

  • UFC wants to return to Chicago near the end of 2009, but was disappointed in turnout for UFC 90.
  • Couture/Nogueira will probably take place in Portland, Oregon, on August 29th
  • Will not tangle with Amateur MMA because they don't understand how to control/regulate it
  • Will not be another comeback season of TUF, but is working on something better that will 'blow peoples minds'. 
  • Penn/Florian is being worked on to main event the Philly show on August 8th.
  • Could possibly hold St. Patty's Show next year in Dublin, Ireland.  Will expand to France, it's a long term investment but first show shown there on TV got very good ratings
  • Wants to go to Brazil, but that will take time to develop.  Will probably goto Australia before Brazil.
  • Will not do Grand Prix tournaments because athletic commissions don't like them and it's tough on the fighters
  • They want to hold a show in Detroit
  • Wants Greasegate to be over
  • Likes Women's MMA and thinks there's a place for it on their shows(didn't specify if he was talking about UFC or WEC)
  • Spoke on UFC Hall of Fame...said lots of people belong in there and it's not just about what happens inside the octagon
  • Wants Fedor to come to the UFC to fight Lesnar, Mir, Carwin etc.
  • Says Japan is IMPOSSIBLE to do business with and the UFC will probably never go there

Give me your thoughts!?